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SOLLONI models (made by Bugari)
(sizes, keys/buttons, reed configurations)

Elite - full size 41/120 tone chamber, LMMM
Super - full size 41/120 tone chamber, LMMH

Supreme I - full size 41/120, LMMM
Supreme II - full size 41/120, LMMH

Deluxe I - ladies size 41/120, LMMM
Deluxe II - ladies size 41/120, LMMH
Deluxe III - ladies size 41/120, LMM
Deluxe IV - ladies size 41/120, LMH

Compact I - 37/96, LMM (low G to high G)
Compact II - 34/72, LMM (low G to high E)
Compact III - 26/60, MM (low B to high C)

*Approx. keyboard sizes - Full (19"-19.5"),
Ladies (17"-18.5"), Compact (17"),
Compact III (12.5")

All accordions include all straps, chest pad, 
hard case/gig bag, 5 year warranty

*Your choice of leather or velvet
bass & shoulder straps

*Your choice of hard shell carrying case or 
gig bag (elegant or standard style)

All accordions come with your choice of
handmade, hand-finished, or dural reeds
Description of hand-made reeds :  The highest grade of reeds, made from the best materials and incorporating design features that tend to make them more responsive to less bellows pressure, while also remaining more stable frequency-wise under higher bellows pressure.  Handmade reeds are the hallmark of the best quality accordions preferred by professional musicians.​
Description of hand-finished reeds :  The second highest grade of reeds, with some characteristics of hand-made reeds, including tight clearances between the reed tongue and reed vent.
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